With the very low quality of music coming out these days I am making a policy to be extremely selective with most promos I am receiving, especially music from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, and the USA which have the most over-saturated and boring scenes in the world today. Of course there are always exceptions, but I generally think these countries need to be put on pause for a few years... where is the pause button? Enough is enough of this generic wave upon wave of predictable and boring music... I can't take it anymore!

Hope everyone had a pleasant start to 2022.

Just a reminder that copies of issue 9 are still available to order directly from Cult Never Dies in the UK if you happen to live there! Otherwise Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions in Germany appear to still have copies for those outside of the USA. For those who are unfortunate enough to live in the USA, zines can be ordered direct from me, just go to the Latest Issue page.

Happy new year, good health and success to all readers in 2022! My new year's resolution is, besides investing more time in listening to quality music, to complete Convivial Hermit #10 and it is well on its way... First new interview started yesterday, my 11th article/feature completed today (I'll probably have to pick all of these apart for the best) and plenty of zine reviews already written. Should be an exciting jubilee issue. Now to just survive to publication amidst this madness!