Updated the trade list.

Just discovered this amazing Abyssic Hate tribute (?) album by Withering Away, complete with Einar's pic on the cover.  But this is actually quite good, like the never-created follow-up to Suicidal Emotions.  Check it out if you still love that album as I do:  https://waragainstyourself.bandcamp.com/album/withdrawn

I'm thinking to myself, as the world burns and humanity inches closer to extinction due to the unending stupidity of millions of people/apes, how simple, lazy and convenient is it for ideology and partisanship to surpass expertise in the public perception?  If the cars of climate denialists break, do they approach politicians to fix them rather than car mechanics?  Why trust anyone who claims to be studying something for years on end?  What's further ironic is that this is considered individualism - when actually it is the total opposite, just a few steps away from an amoeba (who happen to love hot climates).

I'm thinking of writing an article, "The Death of Trading" - because it is fucking over.  Maybe 2 out of 100 people respond anymore about trading, and one of those will disappear after the first message is sent.  It used to be so common to share music - I suppose with "mp3 collections" no one is interested in this anymore but old people?  Where is the spirit of discovering new music by mail and trading things including shirts and vinyl and magazines?  Where is the excitement of finding music through Youtube or bandcamp links?  I spend as much time as anyone digging through these platforms but I also realize that streaming music lazily through a phone or computer is a joke akin to watching a new film or reading a book on a phone.  Am I a dinosaur for thinking that?

Businesses beware of 8Merch.com from Riverside, NJ which has ripped people off who've ordered vinyl from them for thousands of dollars.  I don't care much for vinyl in general, it's my least favorite media format, but scores of people buy this shit, so be warned, everyone!

Updates on future projects: I've written a few new articles and a review of an Esoteric concert.  I'm still trying to find labels and distros to stock Ethere - so if anyone can help, please get in touch with me!

Gutslitter magazine wrote a review of Convivial Hermit #10.  Gotta say I agree with him on the cover now that I've had some time to think about it.  The magazine has a presence on Facebook here and you can also contact the editor here.  Thanks, Ed Perez!

I haven't felt much purpose to add any news in a while, though we've had some really interesting events happen. 
First was an earthquake on April 5.  I was working upstairs in my house when it sounded like a huge animal landed on the roof and was chipping away at the tiles.  It lasted about 10 seconds but was intense.  Then later in the day there were additional rumbling flowing through the street.  It was fascinating.
The second was the solar eclipse on April 8.  I drove to Montpelier, Vermont to see it and to say that it was amazing is an understatement.  Seeing Vermont for the first time is also something I will never forget, I loved it there.  I think I will need to write about it in a future article.

For those who use Instagram, I just added an Instagram page here: Ethere Magazine.  I still don't understand Instagram or its use.  I will investigate it in the days ahead.

Convivial Hermit #10 and Ethere #1  are now available to order in Grau.  10 years of support and ongoing!  If you are in Germany and planning an order from their mailorder please pick one of these issues up!

Tom from Grau has ordered copies of both Convivial Hermit #10 and Ethere #1, so German readers should keep an eye on those coming there soon! 

I also recently hooked up to goshippo.com for orders and am trying out FedEx for overseas.  Prices are very cheap compared to USPS, so more trades may be possible going forward.

Many ideas are floating around for both Convivial Hermit #11 and Ethere #2 including a few important people I'd like to interview.  Time will tell as well as demand for the existing issues.

Really digging Morcrof, Vemoth and Laetitia In Tenebrae lately, check out these great bands.

Updated the links for shipping of Ethere to countries outside of North America.  Still looking for other distros overseas so if anyone has any recommendation I would appreciate it.  Greetings to all misanthropes and forest dwellers worldwide.

Aesthetic Death in the United Kingdom are now stocking Ethere #1 and for a very good cost! Check out the shop and its great prices here . After getting the cold shoulder from Dayal at Cult Never Dies, Stu Gregg has come to the rescue! I highly recommend checking out his great distribution as well, this is one of the best distros in the UK.

Shipments to Japan and New Zealand coming next. I will post more details to follow as funeral doom overtakes other parts of the world...

Ardua Music in Spain are now stocking Ethere #1! Check it out at this link, the price is cheaper than ordering from me directly, especially if you are in Spain! And pick up more great doom while you are at it!

Support this label and distribution!

Ethere #1 is now stocked by Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions in Germany!  Visit them here!

To those in the EU who purchased a copy of Ethere: I am seeing some unusual delays with customs lately that I have never seen before.  So far these problems are exclusive to Finland but I doubt it's the only place that has this issue.  I will put a note up about customs delays and fees that I cannot control.  I apologize in advance for this and hope that this is a false alarm for most buyers.  At least one person has already responded to me that they had to pay a few extra euro online to clear customs (which is fucking ridiculous for such a small package).  As always, if there is any problem reach me at etheremagazine@hotmail.com

Once I get issues in bulk in the EU this should no longer be an issue.

In discussions with Aesthetic Death now to stock Ethere in the UK!  I will keep everyone posted.

I also just recently got in touch with Ramnsvarturh of I Sorg, Masteriis and Forlorn In Silence, all great Norwegian black metal originating from the classic era, highly recommended!


I am currently in process of supplying Ardua Music with issues of Ethere #1 for distribution in Spain!  This will be the first official distribution partner in the EU!  I will post up more news both on FB and this page when everything is finalized.  In the meantime, click on the logo to check out this excellent shop which is also distributing Solitude Production titles.

Also worth noting is that the email contact for Ethere magazine is now: etheremagazine@hotmail.com.  This is now noted on the latest issue page here.

I want to thank everyone who has placed orders for Ethere #1 in the last few days, the response has been better than expected!  All tracking will be uploaded as soon as possible.  Contact me if any problems or questions and I will answer as soon as possible.

Thanks also to Gordon and Steve at Season of Mist for their support and in some ways making this zine happen.  The zine is now in stock in the North American shop along with the last CH issues.

Finally, Alex at Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions has agreed to stock the new issue in Germany.  More news to come!

Shipping prices in the USA have once again increased in Louis DeJoy's rush to destroy the US postal system!  International rates are already absolutely outrageous and they are getting worse (sending 1 copy of my Convivial Hermit magazine to Germany for example, now costs $29!).  Even the alternate system I am using has raised their shipping by a dollar.  As a proud anti-capitalist I'll absorb the cost but I'm afraid there's only so much I can do.  International trades and most orders (outside Canada) from within the U$A are already practically impossible for most of my zines...

Ethere #1 is now available after months of work and waiting!  Still a lot of work to do to update this site but basic buttons added to home page. Contact me with any questions.  Thanks!

Ethere #1 set to be released on January 17th.  Zine will be just $10!  No price gouging here.  Until I get copies abroad in bulk, shipping will be:

U$A: $4.00 / Canada $10.00 / Rest of World $12.00

Rodney the Super Strong Ant comic is in progress and halfway done.

Happy New Year to all!

2023 was an okay and stable year for myself, I cannot complain much while people are getting incinerated and are starving in other parts of the world.

Hard to think that this marks the 4th year of this page and its clunky design, a case of "if it's not broken, don't fix it!"  I wish Microsoft or Google operated under such guidelines.  I still don't give a damn about fancy sites with souped-up graphics.

The first Ethere issue has been approved at the print shop and is set to start printing this week (wishfully thinking).  I'm not sure when exactly it will be done but I will provide updates.

Sales list is updated.

As always back issues of Convivial Hermit are still available including #10 using Zelle or Paypal.  Write to me here if any questions.