Convivial Hermit Magazine began in 2003 after the fold of Erebus Webzine in order to satisfy the urge to create a completely uncompromising magazine focused on underground and independent music along with unique articles, art and photography.  In contrast to the many publications the author has written in previously, like Metal Curse, Ad Arma!, Negura, Oskorei, Unrestrained!, Qvadrivivm, Metalworks, Brutallica, and Juggernaut amongst others, Convivial Hermit Magazine has been an independently produced work, from the writing to the art to the photography to the final layout. Starting from the 5th issue Bertrand Garnier from La Delaïssádo Magazine, Brad Smith from, and Owen Wears from Meridian 9 and Exterus have also contributed.

The Hermits

"Hermits have no peer pressure.” ~ Steven Wright