Zines that we support

La Delaissado


Noise Receptor 


Slowly We Rot 

Forgotten Path 

Special Interests 

Organizations we strongly support

BDS Movement
Electronic Intifada
Palestine Campaign
US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
Jewish Voice for Peace
Antinatalism International 
National Abortion Federation
Abortion Funds
Center For Reproductive Rights
Pathfinder International
NARAL Pro Choice America
Planned Parenthood
Negative Population Growth
Population Matters
Population Action International
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
The Satanic Temple
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Americans United
American Atheists
Death With Dignity
Media Education Foundation
Korean Friendship Association 

Recommended Vlogs/YouTubers

Sabine Hossenfelder

One of the best sites and narrator for physics and science related subjects on the internet today, clear, concise and on point.  I love her work and highly recommend it.

Sean Carroll

A living legend, self-proclaimed naturalist and fellow Philadelphian... worth watching all of the videos.

Arvin Ash - Complex Questions Explained Simply 

Excellent vlog on cutting edge physics, totally love and addicted to this blog lately.  Ash has an excellent skill at lucid explanation far beyond most other bloggers tackling these subjects.


Clear, moderately paced videos hosted by Don Lincoln focused mainly on quantum phenomena and physics.  Nice pace, avoiding breathless cut-ups and highly engaging.

Big Think 

One of the top science vlogs with content from Kaku, Tyson, Dawkins and many others.  Some pop culture crap mixed in but generally worth digging through.

Anton Petrov 

Science vlogger with excellent, mind-opening and informative videos spanning both earth and outer space.

Indigo Traveler 

Kiwi Nick Fisher's channel was one of the first travel vlogs that I fell in love with.  His videos of Venezuela are mind-blowing, essential viewing.  He's become more pro and fancy over time but his mission is a noble one, he's an eminent gentlemen, treats everyone with extraordinary respect and kindness and his videos are rarely ever dull.


Great channel from vlogger Roman from Chelyabinsk who came to my attention through Bald and Bankrupt.  Roman dissects life and culture in Russia from its worst to its best aspects.  Since the invasion of Ukraine he has been focusing on the conflict in Ukraine and its effects and ramifications from the Russian dissident point of view.


Русскоязычный канал Бориса Кагарлицкого, одного из лучших голосов русских диссидентов.

Alexey Novalny Channel 

Anti-Putin opposition leader's vlog, which we fully support.

Larry Lawton 

Incredible firsthand accounts of the brutality and corruption of the American "Justice System" from a former federal inmate.

Understanding Economics 

Cool-headed channel focused on explaining the economics of various countries.  Some of the videos here are highly instructive and interesting.