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Indigo Traveler

Kiwi Nick Fisher's channel was one of the first travel vlogs that I fell in love with. His videos of Venezuela are mind-blowing, essential viewing. He's become more pro and fancy over time but his mission is a noble one, he's an eminent gentlemen, treats everyone with extraordinary respect and kindness and his videos are rarely ever dull.

Bald And Bankrupt

One of my favorite travel vloggers, Benjamin Rich has a minimal approach to his videos free of flash and expert editing that we really like, with a raw edge, spontaneity and humor. He can be a bit obnoxious, i.e. his behavior with Alina in Cuba, but all in all his stuff is incredibly entertaining and highly recommended.


Great, hilarious channel from vlogger Roman from Chelyabinsk who came to my attention through Bald and Bankrupt. Roman dissects life and culture in Russia from its worst to its best aspects. The "peeaaace" line at the end of each video is kinda annoying but we'll deal with it!

Cecilia Blomdahl (Svalbard)

Cecilia is a Swedish woman living in Svalbard, documenting her life in the northernmost inhabited town on earth. I've been pretty hooked on this channel lately, more for Svalbard than Cecilia. Her boyfriend has a lower position on the totem pole than her dog, which is pretty funny, and she likes to be the center of almost every shot, pretty big ego at the play, but the documentation of what life is like in this town is amazing.

Alexey Novalny Channel

Anti-Putin opposition leader's vlog, which we fully support.

Unboxing America

Nick Johnson's descriptions and top lists of America are brutal and hilarious. His singing can be a bit too much but his videos have really opened my eyes to a lot of what is going on in the country that most media won't touch.

Larry Lawton

Incredible firsthand accounts of the brutality and corruption of the American "Justice System" from a former federal inmate.

Understanding Economics

Cool-headed channel focused on explaining the economics of various countries. Some of the videos here are highly instructive and interesting.

Anton Petrov

Science vlogger with excellent, mind-opening and informative videos spanning both earth and outer space.