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The Convivial Hermit Magazine #10
is now available!

128 pages B&W, 8 1/2 x 11 inch (21.59 x 27.94 cm) perfect bound flat spine, gloss color cover.

21 exclusive interviews with the following artists/persons:

BEGRÄBNIS (Japan) • BLAZEMTH (Spain) • BLESTEMA (Colombia) • COFFIN MULCH (Scotland) • CONVULSE (Finland) • DAN GOLDSWORTHY (Scotland) • DOPAMINE (China) • HOLYARROW (China) • IMMOLATION (USA) • JARL (Sweden) • LÉTHIFÈRE (France) • LYCIA (USA) • OLD FOREST (England) • ORPLID  (Germany) • STEIN (Germany) • STRIBORG (Australia) • TE/DIS (Germany) THE PILGRIM SOUL IN YOU (China) • TRISTITHEA ELLHE DE ELLENDEH (Hell) • VOICELESS VOID (Russia) • WITHOUT DREAMS (Russia)

 10 Articles/specials including...

   Cave of Kelpius
In support of Euthanasia
Trip to Gettysburg
Journey to Lititz
Metal Movie Reviews
Forest Trail Etiquette Part II

2 Exclusive comics:
Men O' Nite & Swarzentruber "Amman: Shunning the Beast"
Suffering Succotash "Brad's Brutal Blunder"

+ 24 pages of Zine, Book and music reviews 

+ 10-track Pest Productions Compilation CD when ordered direct through this site with all orders while supplies last!

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