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The NINTH strike of The Convivial Hermit Magazine is now available!

120 pages B&W, 8 1/2 x 11 inch (21.59 x 27.94 cm) perfect bound flat spine, gloss color cover.

EXCLUSIVE (22) interviews with the following artists/persons:

IGNI (New Zealand) - SAÅAD (France) - NELECC (Kenya) - LISIEUX (France) - WIGRID (Deutschland) - IESCHURE (Ukraine) - TYRANNY (China) - LA BREICHE (France) - POLUVRAK (Bulgaria) - OLD TOWER (Netherlands) - DEHN SORA (France) - KOSMOGYR (USA/China) - THE PRIMITIVE (USA) - SICKLE OF DUST (Russia) - OFFICIUM TRISTE (Netherlands) - INFERNAL CURSE (Argentina) - YANN GOURDON (France) - PUTREFIED REMAINS (Malaysia) - PARAGON RECORDS (USA) - SUNSHINE & LOLLIPOPS (Deutschland) - SAINTE MARIE DES LOUPS (France) - ORNAMENTOS DEL MIEDO (Spain)

6 Articles including...

*Most Extreme Albums

*Forest Trail Etiquette

*Thoughts on the Hermit Kingdom

*Nationalism In the Metal Scene

*In Defense of Blasphemy

*Reject The Mass

+ Deicide concert report

+ Film, Book and Music reviews

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